HAPTIC GAMMA EMBODIMENT Module 2-2021 english

Touch, Movement and Perception, for self regulation and co-regulation

Referent: Marcelo Muniz
About the referent

This approach is a somatic process from the phenomenological and neurophysiological perspectives on the quality of human presence and attitude. Being an exploratory process, it is a skill in the sense of developing and improving the continuous and dynamic flow between gravity, space-time and energy in the human dimension of life.

The Curricula

The process is presented in five workshops with four days each, with experiential and theoretical content.

Module II

  • The inner ear
  • The haptic devoted to gravity
  • Embodiment and core stability
  • Natural engagement
  • How to distinguish inhibition and restriction in perception
  • Evoking support, stability and spatial orientation
  • The core stability as a dynamic process
  • Emotional defensive system: fear and holdings

Participation in module 1 is required.

This workshop will be presented in english.

Date: From Thursday, 24.06.2021 until Sunday, 27.06.2021
Place: Hamburg-Altona
Costs: 680.- €